by Steven Sharpe

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released September 12, 2014


Vocals and Guitar - Steven Sharpe
Clarinet - Donal Mc Connon

All songs written by Steven Sharpe
Recorded by Hob Junker Studios
Mastered by Michael Nestor
Photo By Marta



all rights reserved


Steven Sharpe Galway, Ireland

Steven Sharpe has a veracious, witty, and soulful style which blends music, humour and storytelling. Sharpe has an eclectic mix of influences such as R&B, Folk, Rock, Spoken Word, Blue/Soul, Music Theatre, and a number of Avant-Garde and Alternative artists. ... more

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Track Name: Uganda
A million mothers told me lately
They never wanna see me marry
Mormons warned me tried to turn me
Told me just to pray it all it all away
Back of the closet that's where it should stay
Out of sight and out of the way
I heard that you can murder them these days

Putin on me, softly sweetie
You know I like a man in in charge
Talking dirty, toss me, turn me
I will be your field-hand on the farm
Just keep me safe from all incited harm
Families first so get your guns and arms
Don't ask, Don't tell, I'll rise no alarms

What's wrong? Why is everybody freaking out?
Hold on! Why your eyes they hanging out your mouth?
For the love of God

Apparently you're no longer human
You're an alien, a violation

You're not a man, you're not a woman
And not safe to be left around small children

You're a virus, you are dismissed
Because your blood it rises too high of a risk

You're a fucking freak, no father's son
We asked your mother and she told us you are the only one

So learn your lesson, better learn is quick
Because crowd they may become violent

Plus it's illegal now, in certain countries
To even talk about your condition

Like in Uganda
Never moving to Uganda